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Cx Associates is seeking to hire a Building Enclosure / Construction Engineer with experience in building science and/or building enclosures. This position requires familiarity with commercial construction, building enclosures, building science, general energy efficiency, spreadsheet analysis and building codes and testing standards. We’re looking for someone who is self-directed; highly skilled in Word and Excel; works efficiently; is a strong verbal and written communicator; and is collaborative and committed to sustainability.

Cx Associates is a dynamic, growing, mission-driven consulting engineering firm headquartered in Burlington, VT looking to add a Building Enclosure / Construction Engineer who’s keen to work on exciting projects that save energy and make buildings better for a large portfolio of clients in the Northeast. We’re a small firm that offers a relaxed, flexible, open (and dog friendly!) working environment. We believe in a solid work/life balance, offer a competitive salary, excellent benefits, opportunities for advancement and a staff-friendly workplace.

If you’re eager to work alongside our principals and the rest of our team to bring best-in-class energy engineering consulting services to our clients, then read on.

Location: Ideally Burlington, VT or remote from locations within approximately 1.5 hours or less of Burlington.  Working out of our physical office is optional, regardless of location. Other fully remote locations in Vermont, New Hampshire, and southern Maine will be considered.

Travel Requirements: This position requires a valid drivers’ license and occasional field work (once or twice a week) and travel within a one to four-hour radius depending on where the candidate is located. Occasional overnight travel (once a month) within New England and New York State may also be required. This position is for the unique individual who enjoys both desk work and fieldwork.

Please note: We are unable to offer any type of visa sponsorship or support. Candidates must be permanently eligible to work in the United States

About Cx Associates
Cx Associates is a busy, mission-driven consulting engineering firm headquartered in Burlington, VT with a second office in Portland, ME. We’re a small but driven team of 16 dedicated to engineering better buildings for people and planet. What started with building commissioning in 1994, Cx Associates has since grown to offer a suite of services for new and existing buildings, energy management, and efficiency programs.
We are a collaborative organization, not a top-down corporation. We believe in identifying how we can improve as individuals and as a firm, and we support one another in furthering our skills and knowledge. Cx Associates is a team-oriented community that provides room for individuals to shine while maintaining a strong, cohesive environment.
Who We're Looking For

You have a background or experience in an architecture, engineering, or construction discipline with specific experience in building science and/or high-performance building enclosures. You have at least 1-6 years of experience in the field of building science and/or building enclosures. This could take many forms, including, but not limited to: formal education, building enclosure commissioning experience, experience in building enclosure systems testing, experience in building enclosure systems design and/or construction, experience in construction management, or experience in building enclosure assessments and diagnostics. Familiarity with reading architectural drawings is required, and we will ask you to demonstrate this.

Opportunities may exist for someone without a deep background in building science to develop the necessary skillset to work in our field.

You’re a demonstrated skilled written communicator. Even though most of your day will be spent doing technical things, our work often includes a lot of writing. You’re adept at different types of writing, from professional emails to proposals to technical reports. You can keep your audience in mind and tailor your style (more/less technical) to reach your reader most effectively.

You work effectively in an office environment. An “office environment” can mean either in a physical or virtual space. You know how to stay focused on the tasks at hand when things around you get a little hectic. You know how to communicate with others about your work in a manner that achieves your needs while staying respectful of others’ time. You’re flexible and know how to prioritize tasks and manage your time to meet deadlines while also allowing time for interesting side projects. Last, but not least, you’re up for some humor and casual conversation when we all need a brief mid-day break. All in either a physical or virtual capacity.

You’re curious. You’re a creative problem-solver who excels at finding innovative solutions to problems. You are an intellectually curious individual who is committed to continuous learning and staying abreast of developments in the field. You’re not afraid to look for and learn new solutions that you think could benefit the organization and execute them. You’re a critical thinker with the ability to read between the lines and not just take things at face-value.

You’re a hands-on person and not afraid to get a little dirty. Much of the field work for building enclosure inspections and testing involves hands-on work on building construction sites or in existing buildings. You’re OK with moving around a lot on site (being on your feet for 2-8 hours, climbing stairs, etc.). You have experience with basic power tools, are relatively comfortable with heights, and don’t freak out when you unexpectedly get a face full of cobwebs or accidentally touch an uncured mess of new sealant.

You know your way around software. You’re highly proficient in Excel – you’ve mastered basic formulas and several of the more advanced formulas and could quickly learn how to build useful Excel calculators to help answer that nagging building science math question that suddenly seems to keep coming up on every project. You know how to trace formulas, troubleshoot and fix errors, and verify correct data output when something goes awry. Apart from Excel, you know your way around common office software like MS 365 and/or Google Workspace, PDF reading and editing software, etc. You’re a quick learner who can adapt to and use other various project management software. Applicants may be asked to complete a brief basic skills test for Excel.

You’re self-motivated. You’re the kind of person who takes initiative to insert yourself when you see opportunities to improve internal process efficiency. When you see a problem, you take action instead of ignoring it just because it may be someone else’s job. You keep the proverbial monkey off of other people’s backs and tackle things yourself, constructively seeking input when needed.

You have a sense of humor. We take our work very seriously, but we also like to have fun. You’re someone who can get along with a lot of different types of personalities and people with different backgrounds, and you enjoy the occasional viral cat video and a good meme.

You’re eco-conscious (or at least eco-curious). We try to walk the sustainability talk at Cx Associates. If you’re taking any steps to make your life “greener,” we’d love to hear about it. This may take the form of opting for public transit or your bike when possible, composting, being an activist for environmental causes, or taking other steps to lessen your environmental footprint.

You’re trustworthy. You have stellar references and a clean record.

Bonus points. You have direct experience performing building enclosure commissioning, building enclosure systems testing (e.g., you know what a blower door test or an AAMA 502 test is and have done it), managing projects, familiarity with commercial construction, and/or you are in the process of earning a professional certification like a P.E., CxA+BE, BPI-Building Analyst, BECxP, etc.

Things You Might Do

Cx Associates is a small but growing business, with over a hundred active projects. The Building Enclosure / Construction Engineer will have to juggle a lot of balls at once. Here are some examples of things you might do:

  • Work with one of our engineers and/or associates to blower door test the new 80,000 SF wing of a large regional medical center to quantify its air tightness and scan the building with an infrared camera to help evaluate sources of outstanding air leakage. You might also facilitate a testing coordination meeting for building stakeholders.
  • Work with another engineer or associate at a high-end residence to methodically evaluate and diagnose a failed cladding system due to water infiltration and analyze data and findings to develop recommendations for next actions.
  • Perform design and submittal reviews for a new 35,000 SF manufacturing facility.
  • Complete surface area take-offs in order to normalize blower door data.
  • Write a commissioning plan, specification, field testing matrices, installation checklists, and/or functional performance test protocols
  • Spend a day in the field with an engineer performing theatrical fog testing to qualitatively assess typical and unique air barrier transitions, to help facilitate an air barrier that is seeking passive-house equivalent levels of air tightness.
  • Do a deep dive into a unique design or construction issue of a new Net Zero Ready school building and resolve the issue while maintaining enclosure durability and design intent.
  • Crawl around in an attic of an early 1900s residence, tracking down big air leaks and identifying the composition of the attic floor system.
  • Help an architect with a dew point/condensation concern in their system design by using Excel-based tools to help evaluate materials with respect to their placement and the surrounding environment.
  • Independently blower door test a small-to-medium-sized residence or commercial building to quantify the building’s air tightness and verify compliance with code minimums or establish a baseline.
  • Work with an engineer on site for a day to physically construct test enclosures with power tools for certain tests such as AAMA standard fenestration and other functional performance tests.
  • Spend time in a boom lift operating spray rack equipment or operating indoor equipment to test fenestration for water tightness.
  • Communicate with architects, owners, contractors, and trades people regularly to establish friendly relationships and articulate building enclosure findings and results.
  • Continually review your effort with respect to a project’s overall budget and be conscious of your scopes of work, helping to ensure projects come in under or at budget.
  • Actively manage smaller building enclosure commissioning, testing, or assessment projects, with guidance as needed from an associate or other engineer.
  • Write and cost estimate a winning proposal and scope of work with the help of another engineer or associate r for a new $25m office building
  • Write both simple and complex enclosure assessment, diagnostics, and commissioning reports, detailing the performed work, its energy impact, and recommended next steps.
The Whole Package

Cx Associates cares about its staff and recognizes that they are the firm’s most important and valuable resource. We believe in a solid work/life balance not often found at engineering consulting firms. We encourage our team members to use their personal time. And while we recognize that we all have the occasional crunch period, we also know that regularly working tons of overtime can actually be counterproductive. Therefore, we provide:

  • Competitive salary
  • Excellent health care coverage (CxA pays 90% for individual plan premiums, plus 50% of coverage for additional family members)
  • Health plan includes telemedicine service
  • Life, short-term, and long-term disability insurance - fully paid by CxA
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • 401(k) Plan with 3% Safe Harbor contribution and annual profit sharing
  • Green incentives program with annual carbon reduction incentive lottery (lump sum towards solar panels, EVs, etc.), free bus passes, CarShare Vermont membership, and credits for bike supplies/tune ups or new walking shoes
  • 30 days of paid time off annually, increasing on the 4th and 8th anniversaries of your hire
  • Support for professional development

Cx Associates is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, gender identity, sex, ancestry, mental or physical disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, veteran status, or military status.

To apply, please see the form below. Submissions without cover letters will not be considered.


Other Key Skill and Ability Requirements

  • Observational skills - recognizing industry changes/shifts/needs and/or paying attention to Cx process successes and problems and being able to identify where we should adapt/improve/maintain our tools and processes
  • Critical eye for detail – the ability to think critically/read between the lines (not just surface-level or taking things at face-value), ability to anticipate and identify complex problems and optimize resources to develop actionable solutions.
  • Data analysis – the ability to sit down with a lot of data/info (especially seemingly scattered data/info) and sort/organize it into manageable pieces to create plans of action. Ability to analyze and synthesize information from disparate sources and draw conclusions.
  • Ability to think/visualize three-dimensionally
  • Effectively navigate architectural drawings and specifications
  • Ability to organize, prioritize, and adapt to different types of tasks (proposals/estimates, BECx/other technical work, marketing work, biz. dev./outreach)
  • Ability to develop and maintain strong project, client, and stakeholder relationships
  • Flexible thinking – ability to be flexible to accommodate and consider multiple points of view from different stakeholders, treating all with respect and consideration.
  • Ability to effectively manage project budget and scope
  • Updating and using relevant knowledge (keeping up-to-date technically and applying new knowledge to the job)
  • Personal initiative/motivation
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds and climb ladders to building roofs.
  • Spend 4-8 hours on their feet including climbing stairs/ladders
  • Regular sitting / standing at desk for extended periods
  • Extensive use of keyboard / mouse for extended periods
  • Ability to effectively operate basic power tools such as an impact driver, circular saw, drill to construct simple test enclosures.
  • Relatively comfortable with heights (e.g., from a boom lift or secured at a roof edge)
  • Ability to operate a boom lift (with certification) or scissor lift a plus

To Apply

Please fill and submit the form below, including an attachment for your cover letter and resume. Alternatively, you may email your resume and cover letter to eric[at]cx-assoc[dot]com.

Submissions without cover letters will not be considered.

Cx Associates is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment based on race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, gender identity, sex, ancestry, mental or physical disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, veteran status, or military status.