Green Incentives

Saving energy and promoting sustainability are the core philosophies underlying all of our client project work at Cx Associates. 

Our strong shared belief in sustainability is part of our company's culture. We do a lot within our office, from composting, sticking with reusable products instead of disposable (dishes, coffee filter, dish-towels, etc.), and being conscientious about the office supplies we purchase.

To ensure we continue to walk the talk, we are continuously reimagining and redeveloping our internal policies.


Our Green Incentives Started in 2011

We began brainstorming where we could extend our sustainability philosophy beyond project work. One of the first things that came to mind was commuting and work-related travel. We wanted to encourage our employees to use the most environmentally friendly means available for their daily commute and make our business-related travel more eco-friendly. Thus, our Green Incentives program was first born!

The original program included:

  • Free bus passes
  • Car Sharing (CarShare Vermont)
  • Benefits for cycling or walking to work
  • Vehicle efficiency maximization benefits

Offering these incentives not only encourages greener ways to commute, but also illustrates to current and prospective Cx Associates' employees and clients that we walk the walk when it comes to energy efficiency. In addition, our Green Incentives program is another added benefit that Cx Associates can use to attract and retain talented, committed employees. It's a green win-win all around.


Our Green Incentives Today

The Green Incentives policy has been great, but we recognized the need to revamp the policy! We formed a Green Incentives working group dedicated to investigating the various benefits of the program, current utilization, and new ideas. As the new additions roll out we’ll keep them updated here because we believe sharing green ideas spreads green action!

Through an inclusive group process, Cx Associates created a Green Incentives program. The program includes the following incentives:

  1. Free bus passes. A natural first place to start was to encourage the use of public transit by offering to pay for employees' bus fares. The Chittenden County Transportation Authority (CCTA) offers the Smart Business Program through which employers can purchase bus passes for their employees. Businesses have the option of having employees share the cost of the passes; if costs are shared, it can be done through a pre-tax payroll deduction which also lowers the business' payroll taxes. As an additional benefit Smart Business members are enrolled in the CCTA's SureRide program which reimburses employees who may need an emergency ride home outside of regular transit hours.
  2. No more free parking. Cx Associates decided early on in the process that as a company, we no longer wished to subsidize employees driving singly-occupied vehicles to work. We also recognized that not everyone lives near a bus route or close enough to walk or bike to work. Therefore, we changed our policy of covering the cost of providing free parking spaces to our employees to requiring that they pay for the cost of using a CxA spot, or for finding their own parking in Burlington. At the same time, we assist with helping employees find car pools to join and other options for getting to work.
  3. Car Sharing. Part of our work requires us to travel to project sites all around the region. After learning more about the local non-profit CarShare Vermont, we decided that it made more sense to use CarShare Vermont's vehicles for medium and longer-length trips rather than reimbursing employees for mileage driven in their own cars, and we became a CarShare Vermont Business Member. The benefits of car sharing are numerous – from helping people to become less car-dependent, to reducing costs, to decreasing emissions.
  4. Support Cyclists and Walkers. A couple of our employees live close enough to work that they can either walk or bike to work on a daily basis. We didn't want to leave them out of the Green Incentives program. To support them getting to work under their own power, Cx Associates provides a $200 gift certificate to a local sporting goods shop. They can use this gift certificate for anything they like, including getting their bike tuned up, or buying new walking shoes to keep their feet comfortable during their commute.
  5. Supporting an Active Lifestyle. Most of us sit entirely too much and do not get enough exercise on a daily basis. To encourage employees to lead more active, healthy lives, while at the same time supporting even greener methods of commuting, we reward employees who occasionally switch to pedal or foot power to get to work. For employees who usually drive or take the bus to work, Cx Associates provides a gift certificate to a local restaurant for every 50 miles cycled or 25 miles walked as part of their commute.
  6. Maximizing Vehicle Efficiency. Let's face it, most people who live in Vermont own a vehicle, and depending on where you live, it would be very difficult to get by without one. In fact, Vermont's car ownership rates are higher than the U.S. average. To encourage employees to keep their vehicles running as efficiently as possible Cx Associates offers up to $75 towards the cost towards one of the following: on-board diagnostic devices that display real time mileage, a set of summer tires which increase mileage, the cost to change from winter to summer tires, or to have their vehicle's tires filled with nitrogen.


Have any cool programs at your company and want to swap ideas?

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