Lake Champlain from Marriott Roof


Cx Associates is a mission-driven engineering consulting firm. Our mission is integral to the services we provide, because we believe that by improving the way buildings are designed and operate, we can help slow the effects of climate change, and make buildings more resilient.

Across the U.S., building owners are increasingly seeking ways to reduce the environmental and climate impact of their buildings. Our goal is to support owners and project teams to provide the expertise and resources needed to help them reach energy reduction and renewable energy goals, and through this, swing the needle towards a decarbonized future.

Renewable energy works best when energy efficiency happens first. We’re proud to offer real performance improvements and solutions to our clients that help them achieve the best outcomes and position them to tackle decarbonization in a manner that works for them.

Sustainability is at the core of Cx Associates’ culture. Beyond our work improving the way buildings work for people and planet, we also do our best to practice what we preach in our own office by recycling as much as possible, offering on-site composting, buying carbon offsets, and buying products that are sustainably sourced when possible. We offer a “green incentives” program to encourage a more sustainable commute (more details on that program here, in case you are interested in implementing something similar at your company!).

Through all of these efforts, we strive toward serving and improving the “triple bottom line” – People, Prosperity, and Planet.