Energy Efficiency Program Design and Consulting

Cx Associates offers program design and implementation consulting services for energy efficiency programs serving Commercial, Industrial and Multi-family buildings. We have worked on designs for both existing buildings and new construction, and for both custom goal-based and prescriptive compliance options. Our services are informed by our years of experience in the commercial, industrial and multi-family building markets as facility design engineers, program developers, program implementers, energy analysts, program evaluators and commissioning agents. Our familiarity with markets, programs and the technical aspects of efficiency projects enables us to identify new approaches and hone existing programs to maximize the energy savings obtained in every project served while streamlining processes for program administrators and program users.

Members of Cx Associates' staff lead the start up of Efficiency Vermont's Business Energy Services Programs from 2000 to 2004. They have pioneered a market based approach to energy efficiency recognizing the web of relationships and influences in the business market and understanding where the critical points of influence are in every energy efficiency decision.

Our experience includes the development of an Energy Star winning program that integrated utility energy efficiency rebates and services with Weatherization Program services for multi-family housing resulting in comprehensive treatment of multi-family buildings in Vermont. This program included five utilities, five weatherization programs and was overseen by the Vermont Department of Public Service.

We assisted Efficiency Maine in developing a commissioning program. Our work included facilitation of a Stakeholder meeting which resulted in strong support of the program and of our role as a liaison between the construction industry and the program staff.

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