About Us

Since 1994, Cx Associates has been dedicated to engineering better buildings for people and planet. What started with building commissioning has since grown to offer a suite of services for new and existing buildings, energy management, and efficiency programs. As our experience deepens within our areas of expertise and across our markets, we continue to develop new services to meet the needs of our clients and an ever-changing industry. 


Our Vision & Mission

Vision | Engineering a future where buildings are better.

Mission | Cx Associates improves the way buildings work for people and planet through engineering and consulting that bridges design, construction, operation, and policy.


Our History

Cx Associates was founded in 1994 by Thomas Anderson, a pioneer in the field of building commissioning. Jennifer Chiodo joined Tom in January 2005 and helped to grow the business to encompass the services and expertise we provide today.

In 2013, Tom Anderson reduced his role in the firm and became Principal Emeritus, and Matt Napolitan, formerly a Senior Engineer, became a Principal. In March 2020, Jennifer Chiodo stepped down as Managing Principal to explore new opportunities, and Matt stepped into the role of Managing Principal.

Cx Associates has continued to grow over the past few years, bringing together a group of engineers and administrative staff from diverse professional backgrounds that share the goal of combating climate change through our work.


Our Leadership

Cx Associates’ Managing Principal Matt Napolitan, and Associate Principal Eveline Habermann have over 45 years of combined experience in services for high performance buildings. Eric Hauser rounds out the management team as our Chief Finance and People Officer, with over a decade of dedication to Cx Associate's financial and staff well-being. 

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Our Team

Cx Associates is a team of dedicated engineers and professionals that share a commitment to our vision of engineering a future where buildings are better. Our small size allows us to remain client-centered. We pride ourselves on our client relationships, and have a long history with many recurring customers to show for it.  

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Our Space

The office space at 209 Battery Street in downtown Burlington, Vermont was designed by Cx Associates and Christine Burdick Design to reflect our company's commitment to efficiency and environmental friendliness. Materials and equipment were largely sourced second-hand, the building includes on-site secure bicycle storage to encourage car-free commuting, and our location provides access to the Burlington Greenway bike/walk path and ample public transportation. We also offer on-site recycling and composting.

Our Burlington home-base offers plenty of flex space to accommodate our largely hybrid staff, encourage collaboration, and adapt to different working styles. Thoughtful and flexible design thinking led to spaces such as a "quiet room" which provides lactation space for our working parents. Proximity to Lake Champlain just steps away, views of the Adirondacks, and an attached patio offer outdoor connection to the beautiful Vermont landscape.  

Cx Associates also has an office in Portland, Maine that we use as our home base for our projects in Maine. Located right around the corner from Maine Medical Center, it's the perfect jumping-off point for serving our Maine clients.



Cx Associates’ mission is integral to the services we provide because we believe that by improving the way buildings are designed and operate, we can help slow the effects of climate change.

Our goal is to support owners and project teams to provide the expertise and resources needed to help them achieve their energy reduction goals. Should a project involve green building and seek LEED certification, our team is knowledgeable and experienced in meeting certification standards and documentation requirements.

We're proud to offer real performance improvements and solutions to our clients that help them achieve the best outcomes and position them to tackle climate change challenges in a way that works for their businesses.

Sustainability is at the core of Cx Associates’ culture. Beyond our work improving the way buildings work for people and planet, we also do our best to practice what we preach internally by:

Offsetting our carbon emissions through our business partnership with (100% offset as of 2020)

Offering on-site composting and recycling

Buying sustainably sourced products whenever possible

Offering a Green Incentives program to all employees to encourage more sustainable lifestyle choices, including bus passes, CarShare Vermont membership, benefits for walking or cycling to work, and vehicle efficiency maximization benefits



Cx Associates offers a generous compensation package including health insurance, retirement, Green Incentives, paid volunteer time, flexible/remote days, and ample paid vacation.

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