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Building Envelope Commissioning

Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx) is a systematic process that ensures the building envelope (i.e. roofs, walls, windows, doors, foundations, etc.) are designed and built to meet the owner's requirements. The BECx agent serves as a resource for the owner, the design team, the contractors, and the building operators to provide continuity from concept through occupancy.

Building envelope commissioning delivers a comprehensive quality assurance process to assist the team in:

Avoiding costly oversights in the design phase which are difficult or impossible to fix once a building is constructed.

Ensuring materials selected are best suited for durability and efficiency.

Realizing significant life-cycle cost savings due to the outsized effect building envelope can have on building systems.

Identifying opportunities to enhance installation for reduced energy use and to limit air and water ingress.


The Building Envelope Commissioning Process



Design Review

Verifying that the envelope design meets the owner’s objectives, confirming the materials selected are best suited to durability, and providing recommendations to avoid costly oversights that are difficult to remedy once a building is constructed.

LEED Certification

If you are interested in pursuing LEED certification for an upcoming project, Cx Associates has the expertise to fully commission the project as defined under LEED Fundamental and LEED Enhanced, with optional beyond LEED tasks. Contact us.

At finished construction, the majority of the building envelope’s performance layers are inaccessible. There is one real shot at optimizing the building envelope before much of it otherwise becomes to costly to change, or worst case, fix. While an in-depth, optimized level of commissioning is ideal, even a modest level of commissioning for the envelope can prove incredibly valuable, if that scope is tailored in the right way. A dedicated set of eyes set of eyes on the building envelope during design and construction can yield true value in increasing whole-building efficiency, reducing strain on HVAC systems, and reducing contractor call backs because of premature building failures. Not to mention, some building energy codes have begun to require some minimal form of envelope commissioning or testing.

When Cx Associates performs design and construction-phase commissioning services, we identify envelope control layer improvements that save our customers energy and reduce durability risks and call-backs.

Commissioning involvement, especially during design and construction phases, helps ensure that challenging envelope targets are achieved. For example, Passive House-equivalent air tightness.

When Cx Associates tests building envelope systems, we verify that the design and the workmanship are working together to satisfy project requirements.

When Cx Associates performs design-phase commissioning services, we identify value engineering opportunities that can potentially save thousands of dollars in envelope construction costs.


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