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Benefits of a Design Review

Why do a design review?

A second set of eyes now can save you time, money, and headaches later.

Hiring Cx Associates to complete a peer-level design review at the design development or construction documents stage of your project means you are bringing experienced engineers onto your team that are looking at the design from an angle of what is important to you. Cx Associates works for the building owner, ensuring that the design fulfills what the owner wants, takes into consideration how occupants will use the building, and is optimized to meet energy savings and sustainability goals. By collaborating and working closely with the design team, our QA/QC design review process is an extra step towards a final product that will meet your needs.

  • Verify that systems are designed to work together.
  • Ensure that the owner and occupant needs are not lost to cost-cutting.
  • Find opportunities for energy and first-cost savings.
  • Identify controls strategies that meet the intent of the spaces.

An Optimized Approach

A commissioning design review helps avoid what would be a $500 fix on paper from becoming a $5,000 fix after having been built. We provide an independent analysis of the design for new building mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and other key systems.

Optimized design review

Savings Opportunities

By reviewing the design before anything is built, we identify equipment installation improvements that save our customers start-up, operation, and maintenance costs. For example, our multiple design reviews performed for a new 180,000 square foot inpatient hospital building resulted in over $220,000 in first cost savings.

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