Energy Efficiency Program M&V

The reliability and dependability of savings resulting from energy efficiency program intervention is critical to a utility’s ability to manage demand and maintain grid or service integrity. Energy efficiency and demand reduction projects include uncertainty regarding savings, and the best way to find the actual savings is through measuring and verifying the energy use.

Cx Associates delivers M&V plans that help inform program success:

Our M&V plans specify the approach for collecting, assessing the validity of, and analyzing monitored data for the measures addressed under an efficiency program.

Our plans address sampling, accuracy, and methods for gathering data outside of the metering period.

M&V plans guide the project or measure-level verification effort.

Using these tools and metered data, we develop an accurate picture of the building energy use after the energy efficiency measures have been installed and compare it to the energy use that would have occurred absent the program-supported measures.

Using these two models, we can determine the gross project energy and demand savings, helping to inform the program success and show whether incentives align with savings.


The Energy Efficiency Program M&V Process

The needs and requirements for measurement and verification for each energy efficiency program may differ, but there is one common thread: The only way to know what is really being achieved is through measurement of energy consumption and verification that the technology functions as it should. When Cx Associates performs M&V for any energy efficiency measure, we apply the IPMV Protocol, meaning we produce accurate results that you can trust. Our M&V process is tailored to the needs of each program by working closely with the program administrators, but generally uses the following process:

Cx Associates provides deep engineering, energy efficiency, and metering experience. Our team has the resources to develop, deliver, and close-out projects rapidly and effectively. Our experience comes from our hands-on work reducing energy consumption in buildings throughout the Northeast and our consulting and evaluation work for some of the leading energy efficiency programs in the country, including:

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)

Consolidated Energy Company of New York

Efficiency Vermont

Burlington Electric Department

Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Advisory Council

Connecticut Energy Efficiency Board


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