VT Air Nat Guard Fire Crash Rescue - Must Attribute to Sally McCay - Permission Granted from SAS - Med Res-1

Military Facilities


Cx Associates understands the unique needs of military facilities, which often have specialized systems that require dependability, with little or no tolerance for down-time. Our engineers can help your facilities achieve resilience, energy, and comfort goals on time and within tight budgets.


New Construction

Rigorous, client-focused commissioning ensures optimum operations within tight budgets and short timelines. Learn more.

Solar panel installation at the Fire, Crash Rescue facility

Existing Buildings

Holistic approaches to fine-tune existing equipment for energy savings, increased occupant comfort, and decreased maintenance. Learn more.

An engineer inspects an air handling unit on a building roof.

Energy Audits

Comprehensive, deep-dive facility reviews uncover savings opportunities.

Electric Meter

Problem Solving & Troubleshooting

Designing solutions for complicated systems.

An engineers inspects piping

Vermont Army National Guard IEWP Consulting

In 2019, Cx Associates assisted VTARNG with an energy assessment of three facilities: Regional Training Institute, the...

Vermont Army National Guard RCx Studies

Cx Associates conducted an extensive retrocommissioning study for the Vermont Army National Guard’s Combined Services...

Vermont Army National Guard Commissioning Projects

Cx Associates has provided design and construction phase commissioning projects for several large Vermont Army...