VT Air Nat Guard Fire Crash Rescue - Must Attribute to Sally McCay - Permission Granted from SAS - Med Res-1

Military Facilities


Cx Associates understands the unique needs of military facilities, which often have specialized systems that require dependability, with little or no tolerance for down-time. Our engineers can help your facilities achieve resilience, energy, and comfort goals on time and within tight budgets.


New Construction

Rigorous, client-focused commissioning ensures optimum operations within tight budgets and short timelines. Learn more.

Solar panel installation at the Fire, Crash Rescue facility

Existing Buildings

Holistic approaches to fine-tune existing equipment for energy savings, increased occupant comfort, and decreased maintenance. Learn more.

An engineer inspects an air handling unit on a building roof.

Energy Audits

Comprehensive, deep-dive facility reviews uncover savings opportunities.

Electric Meter

Problem Solving & Troubleshooting

Designing solutions for complicated systems.

An engineers inspects piping