Retrocommissioning is a strategy for finding simple, inexpensive energy saving opportunities in your building. The service spans the spectrum from tweaking controls of the HVAC and lighting systems to physically analyzing the functionality of the mechanical systems. In the end, the building operates more smoothly, occupants are more comfortable, equipment maintenance problems are reduced, and the building owner saves money.

Retrocommissioning helps ensure buildings meet the owner's goals, even as occupants and building use change over time.

Whether the goal is energy efficiency, improved occupant comfort, or decreased maintenance, retrocommissioning can offer cost-effective solutions.

Using a whole-building systems approach, retrocommissioning seeks to identify operational improvements that will increase occupant comfort and save energy using existing systems.

Retrocommissioning offers the opportunity to implement new and upcoming controls strategies to maximize the efficiency of your building systems.


The Retrocommissioning Process

Efficiency Vermont

If you're curious whether or not retrocommissioning is right for your building, but worried how much this effort might cost,  contact us about programs and incentives available from your local efficiency utility. If your building is in Vermont, the qualifying phase of retrocommissioning may be available to you for free.

Through energy use analysis, building automation system investigation, and discussions with occupants, Cx Associates can help uncover measures in your building that can save you money, increase occupant comfort, and decrease maintenance. Our expertise in retrocommissioning (including system optimization, identification of energy efficiency measures, and capital investments for long term energy reductions) have helped clients reduce energy use in building systems through:

In-depth building controls investigation and upgrades.

Addition of energy savings technologies such as variable frequency drives, even on constant volume systems.

Commissioning the improvements and providing metering based measurement and verification to ensure performance.

Cx Associates' recent retrocommissioning of a chilled water plant at a hospital resulted in estimated savings of over $17,000 per year with a payback period of just 1.4 years.
Cx Associates identified efficiency improvements to heat pump loops and ventilation in a Burlington hotel resulting in $33,300 annual reduced operating costs.
Cx Associates is the lead author of Massachusetts Retrocommissioning Practices Studies (MA leads the country in energy efficiency).
Cx Associates identified and implemented savings measures at a Vermont office building amounting to 770,000 kWh per year in energy savings.

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