Employment at Cx Associates

Cx Associates has the following open position at this time:

Senior Engineer (Portland, Maine)

Cx Associates is seeking to hire a Senior Engineer (SE) with expertise in HVAC engineering for our downtown Portland, Maine office.

Cx Associates is a busy, growing, mission-driven consulting engineering firm headquartered in Burlington, VT with a growing portfolio of clients in Portland, Maine. We're looking to add a seasoned engineer in the Portland office who’s keen to work on exciting projects that save energy and make buildings better for a large portfolio of clients in the Northeast. We’re a small firm that offers a relaxed, flexible, open (and dog friendly!) working environment. We believe in a solid work/life balance, offer a competitive salary, excellent benefits, and an employee-friendly workplace.

If you’re eager to work alongside our principals and the rest of our team to bring best-in-class energy engineering consulting services to our clients, then read on.

Who We’re Looking For

This isn’t your first rodeo. You have at least 8 years of experience with commercial HVAC systems and controls, including HVAC design, systems optimization, and energy efficiency analysis.  If you’ve got a lot more than 8 years of experience, give us a shout anyway.  This position can be quite flexible.

You’re curious. You’re a creative problem-solver who excels at finding innovative solutions to problems. You are an intellectually curious individual who is committed to continuous learning and staying abreast of developments in the field. You’re not afraid to look for and learn new solutions that you think could benefit the organization and execute them.

You know your way around software. You’re highly proficient in Excel – you’ve mastered most kinds of formulas and know your way around pivot tables and macros. You’ve used spreadsheets to run complex analyses and boil down large amounts of data. Apart from Excel, you’re highly proficient with MS Office and G-Suite. You have experience with modeling software like eQUEST.

You’re a demonstrated skilled written communicator. Even though most of your day will be spent doing engineering, our work often includes a lot of writing. You’re adept at different types of writing, from professional emails to proposals to technical reports. You can keep your audience in mind and tailor your style (more/less technical) to most effectively reach your reader.

You’re self-motivated.  You’re the kind of person who takes initiative to insert yourself when you see opportunities to improve internal process efficiency. You keep the proverbial monkey off of other people’s backs and tackle things yourself, constructively seeking input when needed.

You have a sense of humor. We take our work very seriously, but we also like to have fun. You’re someone who can get along with a lot of different types of personalities and people with different backgrounds, and you enjoy the occasional viral cat video.

You’re eco-conscious. You have a demonstrated interest in sustainability and environmentalism, and you walk the talk. This may take the form of opting for public transit or your bike when possible, composting, being an activist for environmental causes, or taking other steps to lessen your environmental footprint.

You’re trustworthy. You have stellar references.

Bonus points. You have 5+ years of experience performing building commissioning, managing projects, designing BAS controls, and/or you have earned a professional certification like a P.E., CCP, BCxP, etc. You have experience in healthcare and steam boiler plants.

Things You Might Do

Cx Associates is a small but growing business, with dozens of active projects. The senior engineer will have to juggle a lot of balls at once. Here are some examples of things the SE might do:

  • Test a new 1000-ton chiller plant at a new $500m hospital facility and figure out ways to make it run more efficiently
  • Use energy meters to collect data at a large university student center facility to analyze usage and make recommendations for reducing consumption
  • Troubleshoot an ailing heating plant that can’t seem to keep up with demand despite seeming to have more capacity than necessary based on nameplate data.
  • Write a commissioning plan
  • Visit a 50-year-old industrial facility with an equally dated HVAC system to find ways to make cost-effective improvements and save the owner energy
  • Provide mentorship to engineers on our staff
  • Design an HVAC retrofit for a 100,000 SF manufacturing facility with failing systems. Your design would include drawings, scopes of work, specifications, and BAS sequences of operations.
  • Meet with the stakeholders of a new operating room to get input on all the needs of the users of the space to ensure it not only is energy efficient but also caters to the special needs of health care facility occupants
  • Help the owner of a medium-size office building in our community figure out what’s wrong with her cooling system by diagnosing problems and looking for ways to not only fix issues but to make the entire system more efficient
  • Use energy modeling software to model a 300,000 SF dormitory and make recommendations for increasing energy efficiency to the owner
  • Continually review your project budgets and scopes of work and ensure projects come in under or at budget
  • Attend and present at an industry conference, furthering Cx Associates’ reputation in the marketplace as best-in-class experts
  • Find out what’s wrong with a building’s control system and develop the necessary modifications to make the building operate better and use less energy.
  • Write and cost estimate a winning proposal and scope of work for a new $250m state office building, which would help fill the firm’s new business pipeline

For more about Cx Associates and benefits details, see below.

To apply, send your resume and a cover letter to eric@cx-assoc.com. Submissions without cover letters will not be considered.

Cx Associates is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.


About Cx Associates

Cx Associates is a socially responsible consulting firm based in Burlington, VT.  We offer energy engineering consulting, commissioning, measurement and verification, and LEED services to building owners, designers, efficiency program administrators, and regulators throughout the Northeast.  We have provided commissioning services for over 45 million square feet of new and existing facilities and have been closely involved in more than 40 LEED projects providing commissioning, LEED documentation, energy analysis, and measurement and verification services to ensure buildings meet certification requirements and operate to meet the owners’ needs. We have provided EM&V services for several major program evaluations including in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and New York.  We help clients lower operating costs, improve productivity, ensure savings are realized, and reduce the environmental impacts of their operations.

The Whole Package

Cx Associates cares about its employees and recognizes that they are the firm’s most important and valuable resource. We believe in a solid work/life balance not often found at engineering consulting firms. We encourage our employees to use their personal time. And while we recognize that we all have the occasional crunch period, we also know that regularly working tons of overtime can actually be counterproductive.

  • Competitive salary
  • Excellent health care coverage (CxA pays 90% for individual plan premiums, plus 50% of the premium cost for additional family members) with a generous HRA component
  • Health plan includes telemedicine service
  • Free Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • 401(k) Plan with 3% Safe Harbor contribution and annual profit sharing
  • Green incentives program with free bus passes, CarShare Vermont membership, and credits for bike supplies/tune ups or new walking shoes
  • Life insurance
  • 30 days of paid time off annually
  • Support for professional development