Energy Management
& Information System

From one set of energy managers to another: we deeply appreciate the challenge of managing a building’s energy usage and carbon emissions, and we believe that an EMIS built by commissioning agents and energy analysts offers the best-in-class solution. Energy monitoring and management requires not only data and dashboards, but also mechanical engineering and energy consulting. In an ocean of building automation system (BAS) data and energy monitoring platforms, Cx Associates’ EMIS service brings energy drivers to the surface, providing facility managers the indicators necessary to identify, implement, measure, and track their energy savings.

What differentiates our EMIS is our development team’s decades of on-site experience in the optimization of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), building envelope, and large thermal systems to minimize energy use and carbon emissions. 

Open-source, non-proprietary, and cloud-based data modeling standards to provide streamlined and nimble solutions for data acquisition, management, visualization, and analytics.

Flexible architecture that can accommodate a wide range of reporting needs, including cross-platform data integration and modeling, building and plant meter data acquisition, analytics, energy reporting, utility billing capability, workplace management system integration.

Integration with SQL databases, all major BAS controls vendors including Haystack, Brick Schema, Skyspark, Widesky, Niagara, Python, BACnet, Modbus, Honeywell, Trane, Distech, Johnson Controls (JCI), Automated Logic, Siemens. API? Yes please. VPN? No problem.

Custom dashboards and reporting serve up energy insights, fault diagnostics, and utility-grade cost savings in a browser-based platform.

Energy savings analysis and in-the-field commissioning experience enable us to identify, quantify, and develop energy saving measures.

Metrics deliver indicators 24/7, such as energy consumption year over year, energy savings from newly installed equipment or future controls settings, campus and building level Energy Usage Intensity (EUI), or progress toward meeting decarbonization goals.


The EMIS Process



Meet with us

We'll explore what systems you’re looking to manage, what kind of BMS or BAS you have in place, whether you have known equipment or controls issues, and any energy or carbon reporting requirements you may have.

If you’re looking to add energy monitoring hardware, we can specify and manage the installation for you. But talk to us first – you may have more energy management data ready than you think.

Whether you are seeking to decarbonize a historical building and need data and direction, or you are swimming in BMS data and want improved building operation, our EMIS will make your building smarter and help you achieve your building efficiency and optimization goals. With our EMIS service, you’ll have:

An interoperable application that repurposes and simplifies data you already have.

Open-source, cloud-based service under your control. (Access it from anywhere).

Support from Cx Associates as long as you need it.

Optional energy analysis and reporting.


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