Hospitality and Resorts


Commissioning Services

The Cx Associates' team of energy consulting experts understands the operational needs and requirements of hospitality and resort facilities to provide an exceptional guest experience while controlling costs. Find out more about how we put our deep experience in energy, sustainability and facility performance to work for you.
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Hospitality new construction commissioningNew Construction Commissioning

How can resort and hotel operators ensure new building and systems will operate with predictable costs and reliability, and delight guests? Integrate high-performance systems thinking and independent expertise with our project team in designing and building.
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Hospitality exisiting buildings commissioningExisting Buildings

How can hotel and resort mangers be confident HVAC systems are operating effectively and efficiently? Systematically upgrading equipment before critical failures and renewal of control systems will protect your guests experience and improve your facility's environment.
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Hospitality energy managementEnergy Management

Improve your bottom line with energy performance management. Guests high expectations combined with varied occupancy schedules and types require energy management to deliver superior service and reduce operating costs.
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