Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation is an effective tool in providing program administrators with a data-driven report that outlines how well the program performed, what the realized savings are, and recommendations for future improvements. These findings help fine-tune programs to better serve the public and allow Energy Efficiency Utilities to report back successes and plans for improvements to consumers.

Program Evaluation offers efficiency utilities with an in-depth understanding of their program's performance.

Provide defensible program impact studies through measurement-driven evaluations that determine energy and demand impacts and non-energy effects such as avoided/reduced operations and maintenance costs.

Easily convey data to public for transparency in effective use of public dollars as well as program benefits.

Cx Associates reports include recommendations on how to increase program cost-effectiveness, delivering practical evaluation findings that can be used to improve future performance and quantify program benefits and costs beyond those measured at the meter.

The Program Evaluation Process

Evaluations differ greatly from program to program, but they all ask one basic question: has the program been effective in achieving the desired results?

Cx Associates develops and executes technical evaluation studies to analyze the energy savings impacts, understand the cost-benefit and net-to-gross ratios, and provide recommendations for energy efficiency programs. At the most basic level, all of our impact evaluations follow a similar process:

Cx Associates has a long history in energy program evaluation, having had both lead and supporting roles in process and impact evaluations for states recognized by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy as having the nation’s leading programs (CT, MA, NY, RI, and VT).

Our familiarity with markets, programs and the technical aspects of efficiency projects enables us to identify new approaches and hone existing programs.

We help maximize the energy savings obtained in every project while streamlining processes for program administrators and program users.

We’ve worked on program designs for both existing building and new construction programs, and for both custom goal-based and prescriptive compliance options.


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