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Cx Associates is in the business of decreasing building energy use as a way to combat climate change through all of our service areas. We focus on innovation and best practices to deliver results that make a difference in individual buildings, or across efficiency programs.

New Construction

From Commissioning to Owners Project Requirements (OPR) development, Energy Modeling, and peer-level Design Review, Cx Associates can be an integral member of your design or construction team for all new construction or major renovation projects.

We offer the following services for new construction and major renovation projects:



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OPR Development

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Design Review

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Energy Modeling

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LEED Consulting

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Existing Buildings

Buildings account for approximately 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. From Retrocommissioning to Energy Audits to Controls Upgrades, Cx Associates finds energy savings in existing buildings where others can’t.

We offer the following services for existing building projects:

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Energy Audits

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Controls Upgrade

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Equipment Failure

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Problem Solving

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Energy Management

Understanding how your building or portfolio uses energy and monitoring that energy use can help diagnose anomalies before they become long term energy and monetary penalties. From energy modeling to long term energy planning, Cx Associates will develop an individualized suite of services to meet your unique energy management needs.

We offer the following energy management services:

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Energy Management & Information System (EMIS)

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Long-Term Energy Planning

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Energy Monitoring & Solutions

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Building M&V

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Portfolio Benchmarking

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Energy Modeling

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Efficiency Programs

Helping efficiency programs ensure they are using ratepayer dollars in meaningful ways. From program evaluation to consulting to M&V services, Cx Associates can provide the data-driven information and expert input needed to understand your programs’ effects and meet energy saving goals.

We offer the following services for efficiency programs:

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Program Evaluation

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Efficiency Program M&V

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Program Consulting

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Code Evaluation & Support

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Pandemic Response

We understand that now more than ever, building owners and tenants are rightfully concerned about their building's air quality and safety. We see an increased need to offer specific services geared toward making your building or space safer by improving ventilation and filtration, and to help our clients meet specific guidelines.

We offer the following services in response to the COVID-19 pandemic:


Systems Assessment

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Airflow Assessment

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Isolation Rooms

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Educational Presentations

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