multifamily housing

Multifamily Housing

We Understand the Importance of Occupant Comfort

Our Experienced Engineers will help you Reduce Energy Use 

Cx Associates understands how crucial it is to ensure efficient building controls when housing numerous families under one roof. Occupant comfort must be maintained during all hours of the day and night to ensure the individuals who are eating, sleeping, relaxing, and living within the walls of your building are safe and healthy.

Our experienced engineers will help you feel confident in your building’s operational abilities. We have worked on hundreds of thousands of square feet of multifamily buildings which has given us a keen ability to reduce excess energy use (and therefore costs) and confirm that systems in your building are installed in ways that will operate collaboratively. 

Grand Way Senior Housing

Cx Associates performed ASHRAE level 1 and level 2 energy audits, including metering, energy analysis, and Energy Star...

Hickory Street Multifamily Housing

Cx Associates provided Construction and Occupancy Phase Commissioning services for the Rutland Housing Authority (RHA)...