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Efficiency Utilities

Helping efficiency programs ensure they are using ratepayer dollars in meaningful ways. From program evaluation to consulting to M&V services, Cx Associates can provide the data-driven information and expert input needed to understand your programs’ effects and meet energy saving goals.


Measurement & Verification (M&V)

The realization of energy efficiency savings is critical to managing demand and maintaining grid integrity. In the face of uncertain savings claims, utilities need experienced, knowledgeable, unbiased engineering firms like Cx Associates to provide standardized M&V, identify customer efficiency opportunities, and develop new wells of energy savings. Learn more.

HOBO energy loggers


Efficiency Programs need to know to what degree their programs are an effective use of public dollars, and they want public to be aware of the many benefits of their programs. Cx Associates shares your drive toward innovation. Learn more.

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Energy Code Development

States know that standardized regulations and guidelines are a cornerstone of building a new energy future, and Cx Associates knows codes. Our familiarity with significant new construction projects let us observe where codes can be strengthened and where more education is needed to increase compliance across the market.

Energy Code Books

Con Edison Measurement & Verification

Cx Associates has led the measurement and verification of energy efficiency demand management projects for Consolidated...

Vermont Forward Capacity Market Evaluation

Under contract to Efficiency Vermont, Cx Associates worked with the Vermont Forward Capacity Market (FCM) participants...

Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Advisory Council (MA EEAC)

Working under contract with Optimal Energy, Cx Associates’ Principal Emeritus Jennifer Chiodo continues to play a...