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OPR Development

An Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) document provides a roadmap for the many individuals and firms involved with the design, construction, and operation of new construction and major renovation projects. It's a living document developed using a facilitated process to engage stakeholders in helping to define and prioritize the project goals coupled with review and refinement of the goals by the project team leaders. Defining the goals of a project and determining how the owner and stakeholders envision the end result helps ensure a project’s success throughout design and construction.

Cx Associates helps clients build the roadmap their project needs to keep stakeholders goals in mind at every turn.

Cx Associates has developed a unique approach to the OPR development process, which we have successfully facilitated for many clients and project types.

Our experience leading OPR charettes and working with diverse groups of stakeholders has allowed us to develop a keen ability to help guide groups toward consensus and a sense of investment in shared goals.

Our experience includes many large, multi-million dollar projects, which bring a vast array of stakeholders and user groups all with varying goals. We've successfully led the OPR process for projects such as Maine Medical Center's $500M Bramhall Campus, and UVMMC's 180,000 SF Miller Building.


The OPR Development Process



Stakeholder Charette (Idea Gathering)

CxA facilitates a guided meeting to gather input from owners, occupants, building facilities staff, and other folks who will use the building around the topics of overall project goals, sustainability goals, and facilities/systems requirements.