From Commissioning to Owners Project Requirements development to Energy Modeling to Peer-Level Design Review, Cx Associates can be an integral member of your design and/or construction team for all New Construction or Major Renovation projects.

The quality of commissioning services available in today’s market is highly variable, ranging from “check-the-box” to “optimization” type programs. Lower tier commissioning programs come at a reduced first cost, but they fail to deliver the true value available from in-depth, optimization-level commissioning. The true value for your commissioning dollar is achieved when knowledgeable, experienced commissioning engineers spend considerable time in the field verifying and testing systems in cooperation with contractors.

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Owners requirements

“Owners Project Requirements” Development

Defining the goals of a project and determining how the owner and stakeholders envision the end result can help ensure a project’s success throughout design and construction. Cx Associates will hold charettes with stakeholders and use their input to craft an OPR document for use by the design team.

energy modeling

Energy Modeling

Our engineers have extensive experience with several whole building energy simulation programs to accurately predict how much energy your building will use. Through modeling various approaches, we can show which solutions are most cost-effective and energy efficient.

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Cx Associates can provide a quality assurance process for your project that spans from pre-design through occupancy to ensure that the design meets the owner’s intent, equipment is installed properly, and the systems’ function is optimized.

peer design review

Peer-Level Design Review

In today’s fast paced design world, Cx Associates provides a second set of eyes throughout the design process to ensure system designs are optimized, the owner’s requirements are met, and the final design documents can be clearly understood by the construction team.

LEED certification

LEED Commissioning

Cx Associates has provided LEED commissioning services for nearly 30 projects, including healthcare facilities, universities and colleges, commercial buildings, and office buildings. We understand how to optimize the process to provide an environmentally-conscious building that works for its occupants.

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Commissioning verification