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Commissioning (Cx) is a systematic process that ensures new and renovated building systems are designed, built, and operated to meet the owner's requirements. The Cx agent serves as a resource for the owner, the design team, the contractors, and the building operators to provide continuity from concept through occupancy.

Commissioning delivers a comprehensive quality assurance process to assist the team in:

Minimizing building energy use over time.

Optimizing equipment selection and performance to control first cost while ensuring operational effectiveness.

Performing rigorous verification to ensure that building systems are installed and work as intended.

Ensuring operating staff are provided with appropriate documentation and training to meet their needs.


The Commissioning Process

LEED Certification

If you are interested in pursuing LEED certification for an upcoming project, Cx Associates has the expertise to fully commission the project as defined under LEED Fundamental and LEED Enhanced, with optional beyond LEED tasks. Contact us.

The quality of commissioning services available in today’s market is highly variable, ranging from “check-the-box” to “optimization” type programs. Lower tier commissioning programs come at a reduced first cost, but they fail to deliver the true value available from in-depth, optimization-level commissioning. The true value for your commissioning dollar is achieved when knowledgeable, experienced commissioning engineers spend considerable time in the field verifying and testing systems in cooperation with contractors.

When Cx Associates performs construction-phase commissioning services, we identify equipment installation improvements that save our customers operation and maintenance costs.

When Cx commissions our competitors’ work, we find and advance additional opportunities for energy savings.

Cx Associates has provided LEED commissioning services for dozens of projects, including healthcare facilities, universities and colleges, commercial buildings, and office buildings.

Design reviews performed by Cx Associates for a recently completed 180,000 square foot building resulted in over $220,000 in first cost savings.

In a recent commissioning design review, Cx Associates identified cooling system control improvements that saved the customer over $20,000 annually with minimal first cost.


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