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Measurement & Verification

Providing a critical feedback loop of how your building is performing and opportunities for savings

Whether your needs include a statewide energy efficiency program evaluation, or a single facility M&V plan for LEED credit, Cx Associates offers you more than basic familiarity with the IPMV protocol for measurement & verification of energy and demand savings.

We can customize our approach to a wide range of needs, including large facility M+V requiring statistical sampling and sub-meter integration with existing building management systems, or targeted information-gathering such as multifamily usage data and surveys. Our impressive instrumentation stock and proprietary data management tools, developed specifically for 8,760 hour annual energy and demand analysis, enable accurate conclusions in short timeframes for modest budgets.

Cx Associates has performed extensive measurement and verification (M&V) of energy efficiency measures for many clients, including Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Efficiency Vermont, NYSERDA (the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority), and Burlington International Airport.

Measurement and verification steps


Measurement and Verification for Building Owners

measurement and evaluation for buildingsOwners and Owner Representatives want to be assured that their building is functioning as designed over time. They want their M&V Plan to comply with LEED certification and to capture the information that clearly defines where improvements can be made.  Our M&V work is customizable for building owners’ needs and can be broken out into three segments. If implemented annually, M&V will cost less over time and can save 10% annually in energy costs. 

M&V Plan Development

The M&V process is described in detail in the M&V Plan. The Plan includes designing the metering and calibration strategy with the design team, developing data processing requirements that will deliver an accessible and useful format to building operators, and training on M&V Plan implementation.

Quality Assurance/M&V Commissioning

Our M&V Plans detail necessary quality assurance protocols to ensure that all metering equipment is calibrated and functional.

Post Occupancy M&V Implementation

Ideally, a commissioning agent will be required to perform M&V during the first year of occupancy. We will work with a designated representative of the Owner to complete verification of the first-year energy use and demand after one full year of occupancy.

Measurement and Verification for Energy Efficiency Programs

The reliability and dependability of savings resulting from energy efficiency program intervention is critical to a utility’s ability to manage demand and maintain grid integrity. Energy efficiency and demand reduction projects include uncertainty regarding savings. The only way to know what is really being achieved is through measurement of energy consumption and verification that the technology functions as it should.  Our clients rely on experienced, knowledgeable engineering firms to provide M&V of measure savings, identify customer efficiency opportunities in their buildings, standardize methods for estimating savings, and develop new wells of energy savings. These practices enable utilities to better serve their customers.

Cx Associates provides deep engineering, energy efficiency, and metering experience. Our team has the resources to rapidly and effectively develop, deliver, and close-out projects. Our experience comes from our hands-on work reducing energy consumption in buildings throughout the Northeast and our consulting and evaluation work, including technical consulting on implementation and evaluation for some of the leading energy efficiency programs in the country.


We are driven by our mission of saving energy.