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Energy Management & Efficiency Services

Cx Associates’ founder and Principal Emeritus always considered saving energy CxA’s “prime directive” and that philosophy continues today. In addition to performing commissioning in new and existing buildings, CxA is a leader in energy efficiency consulting. Our expertise and experience in this sphere include:


  • Help our clients track and reduce energy consumption using both Energy Star Portfolio Manager and our custom analysis tools
  • Work closely with building owners and provide user training so building operators can track facility performance against benchmarks on an ongoing basis
  • Identify areas for efficiency upgrades and opportunities for operational upgrades

Read more about how we use Benchmarking in our work on our blog!

Program Evaluation (M&V)

  • Plan and develop evaluation studies
  • Provide rigorous and fair independent assessment of efficiency programs and projects
  • Identify additional opportunities for future programs
  • Conduct data-collection, including on-site metering
  • Perform accurate analysis of energy savings, including Net-to-Gross ratios based on surveys and on-site data

Energy Modeling

  • Assist project teams in selecting the optimum design for the life of the building
  • Optimize passive heating and cooling strategies

Strengthening Top-Ranked Efficiency Programs

  • Assist utilities and program administrators in removing barriers to energy efficiency
  • Consultation to and participate in energy and business boards
  • Publish market research