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Burlington snowThe reliability and dependability of energy efficiency savings is critical to a utility’s ability to manage demand and maintain grid integrity. Energy efficiency and demand reduction projects include uncertainty regarding savings, particularly when engineering calculations lack objectivity or when a new, cutting-edge technology is being explored. Utilities need experienced, knowledgeable, unbiased engineering firms to provide M&V of measure savings, identify customer efficiency opportunities in their buildings, standardize methods for estimating savings, and develop new wells of energy savings. These practices enable utilities to better serve customers by demonstrating the value of their efficiency investments and helping them find new opportunities to reduce energy consumption.



Utilities rely on Cx Associates’ in-depth knowledge of building systems and data acquisition, the high accuracy of our savings estimates, and our proven ability to help them implement projects with realization rates of 100% or more.  Cx Associates is a go-to firm for Efficiency Vermont and Burlington Electric Department when there is an opportunity to identify energy efficiency measures for their customers, and we have provided technical consulting on implementation and evaluation for some of the leading state energy efficiency programs in the country, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New York.


Vermont Forward Capacity (FCM) Market Evaluation for Efficiency Vermont

Worked under contract to Efficiency Vermont with the Vermont Forward Capacity Market (FCM) participants and regulators to design and develop an implementation plan based on Vermont's approved FCM M&V Plan. Work as an independent M&V engineering firm performing on‐site metering, utility bill analysis, and engineering analysis based on meter data to verify the yearly peak demand reductions claimed by the efficiency utilities in Vermont.

Consolidated Edison Company of New York Measurement and Verification

Lead M&V of energy efficiency and demand management projects for energy efficiency projects C&I buildings. Through on-site inspections, interviews, direct measurement, and metering, we collect and analyze historical and real-time data to verify energy savings. Projects types include new HVAC technologies, HVAC upgrades, battery storage, fuel cells, lighting controls and retrofits, and Building Automation System demand response enablement and optimization.

Consolidated Edison Company of New York Engineering Services

Desk reviews of energy calculations and assumption for 100+ projects. Work in close collaboration with Con Edison Engineering to seamlessly meet fast turnarounds using Con Edison processes and applications.