The Commissioning Process

The Cx Associates commissioning process can be broken down into three phases:

  1. Design
  2. Construction
  3. Occupancy

Design Phase

The scope of work performed in our design phase commissioning includes:

  • Design commissioning plan - We develop a design phase commissioning plan that details the scope of the commissioning work and the roles and responsibilities for the parties involved for use during design.
  • Owner's Project Requirements (OPR)
    • The OPR is a written document stating the Owner's fundamental objectives for the building. A review of the OPR developed by the Owner is included in our base services.
    • Facilitation of development of the OPR is offered as a Beyond LEED service.
  • Basis of Design (BoD) review – The BoD is a narrative by the designer that describes how the designer intends to meet the objectives noted in the OPR. Cx Associates will review the BoD for completeness and compliance with LEED requirements.
  • Design Review - Once a common understanding of the project objectives is established, we will perform a design review to ensure the proposed systems and sequence of operations will optimally fulfill the objectives.
  • 100% Controls Review - While LEED requires a design review early in the construction documents phase and follow-up to ensure review comments are incorporated, we've found that reviewing controls before bidding is essential to ensure successful commissioning. We perform a review of the completed controls documents and hold a design review meeting with the Owner and engineer to ensure consensus is reached before moving forward. We also include follow-up to ensure agreed upon modifications are incorporated into the final bid documents. Successful implementation of controls is essential to peak building performance. Reviewing the controls before they are bid ensures every opportunity is explored to maximize their potential.
  • Specifications – We develop the commissioning specifications Section 01810 (or more current CSI format) for inclusion in the Bid Documents. This provides the affected contractors with the specific information needed about the commissioning requirements so that they can accurately price the project and participate fully in the quality assurance process.

Construction Phase

The scope of work performed in our construction phase includes:

  • Construction commissioning plan - Cx Associates will finalize the construction commissioning plan delineating commissioning tasks, players, roles and responsibilities for the systems to be commissioned. The plan describes the activities, documentation, and schedule for construction phase commissioning.
  • Submittal review - Cx Associates will review submittals of equipment to be commissioned for compliance with the OPR & BoD, design documents, commissioning requirements, and service access needs.
  • Construction verification - Cx Associates will develop construction verification checklists to ensure that all components and systems are properly installed to allow the contractors to provide feedback on installation progress and to help identify potential issues early and pursue their timely resolution.
  • Functional testing - Cx Associates will coordinate and supervise functional testing to ensure all components and systems operate together as intended, verifying that the performance of building systems conforms to the OPR, BoD and the construction documents.
  • Commissioning issues log - Cx Associates documents each corrective action identified, the recommended approach to resolve the issue, and the responsible party in a commissioning issues log. The log is reviewed regularly to ensure consistent progress is made addressing open items.
  • Training support - We provide the contractors and owner with the documentation necessary to ensure training complies with the project requirements and adequately meets the owner's needs.
  • Operations and maintenance manual review/systems manual - Cx Associates will develop a systems manual consistent with the requirements of LEED's Energy and Atmosphere Credit 3. The manual is a compilation of documents provided by others including the OPR, BoD, systems single line diagrams, instructions for operating integrated systems, and a prescriptive maintenance requirements matrix.

Occupancy Phase

The scope of work performed in our occupancy phase includes:

  • Commissioning Report - At the conclusion of the project, Cx Associates will provide a commissioning report summarizing the systems and components commissioned, results of the process, and the final status of all commissioned building components.
  • Post Occupancy Inspection - In order to verify that systems continue to operate as designed and installed, Cx Associates will provide one follow-up visit during the first year of occupancy to assist in resolving any post occupancy performance issues.

Many clients are looking for innovative ideas and approaches towards their projects. Our unique focus on setting goals at the beginning of the project and working with the team to meet those goals provides the framework for realizing success. Goal setting is not limited to commissioned systems by any means; the most successful projects comprehensively outline the expectations for success for all affected trades.