Maximizing Building Energy Efficiency

We provide energy analysis and efficiency consultation for building owners and for energy efficiency programs. Cx Associates' staff has years of building engineering and construction, commissioning and measurement and verification experience giving us a unique knowledge of buildings, systems, operating issues and energy efficiency opportunities. Our team can help you save money in first costs as well as operating costs whether you are building a new facility or considering an upgrade to an existing facility.

Our knowledge of building energy systems is extensive. We have unique expertise in HVAC control systems and chiller plant optimization. In a recent renovation project, Cx Associates identified an alternative chiller selection and control strategy which doubled the energy savings expected from the project at minimal incremental cost.

We know green building approaches having worked on dozens of LEED projects in various roles including LEED consultant, commissioning agent, project technical consultant and forensics consulting. We seek to support the sustainability of the buildings in which we work through increased energy efficiency, use of renewable energy sources, daylighting, and system optimization through controls. With our own office space, which was certified under LEED Commercial Interiors in 2009, we strive to set an example to other small businesses.

Improving Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings

Our energy efficiency analysis services for existing buildings use a commissioning-based approach and tap into our hands-on facilities commissioning work. First we work with building owners in defining their building performance goals – which often include reductions in both energy and maintenance costs. We then evaluate the existing facilities and systems relative to the goals using metering measurements, site inspections and recent building energy consumption data. We input building statistics into the Energy Star Portfolio Manager™ and obtain an Energy Star Rating for the facility. Our investigation results in the identification of efficiency opportunities, investment costs and savings estimates which we document in a detailed report. The report enables the building owner to understand the expected return on their investment when considering the recommended energy efficiency improvements based on expected implementation costs, as well as energy, operating and maintenance savings for the project. This approach is known as retro-commissioning and often yields projects that payback in less than two years.

Maximizing Energy Efficiency in New Construction

With the many years of commercial and industrial engineering design reviews and hands-on commissioning of new and existing buildings, our team of engineers knows what systems and approaches work and which ones often fail to deliver the expected benefits. We can analyze the efficiency of the electrical and mechanical systems in your proposed building - calculating anticipated energy costs as well as providing benefit/cost analyses of energy efficient alternatives.

LEED Certification

If you are interested in pursuing LEED certification for your existing or proposed building, Cx Associates has the expertise to fully commission the project as defined under LEED Fundamental and LEED Enhanced, with optional Beyond LEED tasks. Cx Associates has provided building commissioning services for over 12 million square feet of new and existing facilities. We have been closely involved in more over 30 LEED projects providing commissioning, LEED documentation, energy analysis and measurement and verification services to ensure buildings meet certification requirements and operate to meet the owner's needs.

Cx Associates has provided LEED Consulting for several projects, including the Community College of Vermont's Winooski Campus, Cx Associates' Offices, and Hypertherm. We have assisted other LEED consultants with credit verification and interpretation on numerous projects.

We invite you to contact us to begin a conversation about your specific needs.